Saturday, 23 April 2011

iTech++ is a Complete IT Company!

iTech++ is a fast growing IT company in Uttarakhand (INDIA). We develop and implement elegant & high performance quality websites & softwares with 100% client's satisfaction.
We provide IT solutions (Website, Software & other) with suitable cost effective platform & technologies according to the client’s requirements. We have dedicated professional Web Developer and Software Engineers with rich experience in developing websites & softwares for organizations with different technologies.Our wide spectrum of world class products and services are backed by years of hardcore industry experience and expertise in related fields.
iTech++ company saw the light of dawn in the year 2010 after detailed analysis and feasibility studies on various aspects different business process & actives. Our core strength lies in our unique ensemble of a proactive approach and global perspective coupled with an unremitting quest for excellence.

[A] Web Development

We have professional Web Design/Development team with rich experience in developing websites for organizations with different technologies. We specialize in creating effective online strategies for different organizations.
We provide professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our expert web designers and developers accomplish various website projects from static sites to dynamic and CMS (Content Management System)sites to multi-functional web portals. Our completely dedicated web developers and designers ensure to provide you quality in design and functionality.

Search Engine Optimization can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.
Search engine optimization is not a few secret tweaks you can make to your website to magically vault you to the top. This is process of web promoter where your online presence and web assets, to achieve for your site, a more accessible, relevant, and credible status than competitive sites, in order that search engines may perceive you as the strongest source on the web, for a type of information.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the fastest growing concept to bring traffic to your website. It is not only visitor but about having potential customers who can buy products or reward services offered by you, but to gain this enormous benefit from search engines you need to have properly optimized website utilizing each On Page and Off page factors.

We develop and implement elegant & high performance quality software solutions that address the critical challenges of business activities of your organization and it helps to grow market share, reducing operational costs, improving customer service, streamlining business processes.
Our software practice is focused on delivering complete application development services either for in-house or mass market applications. We serve clients, such as start-up companies, that need rapid development capabilities. We develop mainly two kind of softwares:
  • Stand-alone Software
  • LAN Based Software
Our methodology & strategy to develop the software are unique and very effective; we set of user interaction and a periodic exercise with client to understand requirements of client for best result. We start project from scratch and simultaneously achieve different milestones to finally cater to the end user's customized requirement.

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